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16th May - 17th June, 2020


CSMN wishes to thank all the donors. God bless you. Please take this publication as acknowledgment of your donation.

DONATIONS TO CSMN [Cry of Martyrs]

16th May, 2020  -  17th June, 2020
16-May-20     Olumodimu Aki... ₦10,000.00 
16-May-20 Akande Ol... ₦50,000.00 
17-May-20 Ohuabunwa S... ₦250,000.00 
17-May-20 Ibanga O... ₦2,000.00 
18-May-20 Ani Ayod... ₦10,000.00 
18-May-20 Akinwale Joh... ₦2,000.00 
18-May-20 Oluyemi Ad... ₦25,000.00 
19-May-20 Ojo Jos... ₦7,000.00 
19-May-20 Adesanya Ad... ₦2,000.00 
19-May-20 Debby Cou... ₦10,000.00 
19-May-20 Emeanu Syl... ₦30,000.00 
21-May-20 Onuta Da... ₦6,000.00 
21-May-20 Adenike Ibi... ₦100,000.00 
23-May-20 Christian Ug... ₦4,000.00 
23-May-20 Anthony Ak... ₦5,000.00 
24-May-20 Ocholi Pa... ₦1,000.00 
24-May-20 S. A. K. ₦100,000.00 
24-May-20 Sowemimo Pau... ₦9,068.51 
25-May-20 Adenuga Ma... ₦7,000.00 
28-May-20 By Unknown Donor ₦500.00 
28-May-20 Duru Es... ₦1,000.00 
28-May-20 Campbell Ol... ₦3,000.00 
28-May-20 Akande Mek... ₦3,000.00 
28-May-20 Akande Mek... ₦3,000.00 
28-May-20 Akande Mek... ₦3,000.00 
29-May-20 Ascension Min... ₦35,000.00 
30-May-20 Ajayi Olad... ₦50,000.00 
30-May-20 Enya Sol... ₦5,000.00 
30-May-20 Akande Olu... ₦50,000.00 
31-May-20 Kriz Ew... ₦5,000.00 
01-Jun-20 Ogebe Em... ₦10,000.00 
02-Jun-20 Akinboboye Ad... ₦6,000.00 
04-Jun-20 Uwoghiren Osa... ₦15,000.00 
04-Jun-20 B. A. PH ₦100,000.00 
04-Jun-20 Christian Ug... ₦5,000.00 
06-Jun-20 Okeke Bas... ₦20,000.00 
07-Jun-20 Ani Ayod... ₦5,000.00 
07-Jun-20 Akpan Mfo... ₦2,000.00 
07-Jun-20 Anonymous Donor ₦20,000.00 
08-Jun-20 Anonymous Donor ₦4,825.00 
09-Jun-20 Anonymous Woji, PH ₦2,000.00 
09-Jun-20 Oladimeji Jos... ₦1,000.00 
10-Jun-20 A. M. Den... ₦35,000.00 
13-Jun-20 Oguntimehin Ol... ₦1,000.00 
13-Jun-20 Ismaila Yak... ₦2,000.00 
14-Jun-20 Oguntimehin O... ₦1,000.00 
15-Jun-20 Ezegwula Chik... ₦100,000.00 
16-Jun-20 Mrs Chukwumaeze N... ₦5,000.00 
16-Jun-20 Theophilus Chi... ₦150,000.00 
17-Jun-20 Benedict Ogw... ₦2,000.00 
17-Jun-20 Ani Ayo... ₦5,000.00 
  Sub Total ₦1,280,393.51 
  Balance Brought Forward ₦627,983.00 
  Total ₦1,908,376.51 

EXPENSES - Support to Persecuted Christians

16th May - 17th June, 2020
21-May-20 Transport of mattresses from Southern Kaduna to IDP Camp through HACFO     ₦35,000.00 
25-May-20 Relief to IDPs in Kajuru, Southern Kaduna, through SOKAPU ₦400,000.00 
10-Jun-20 Internet ₦7,150.00 
12-Jun-20 Bank Stamp Duty from 16th May - 17th June ₦1,350.00 
  Balance carried forward ₦1,464,876.51 

Financial Policy of CSMN from 18th June, 2020

In order to ensure that all the various Directorates of CSMN are adequately funded to serve Nigerian Christians, the following Financial Policy has been adopted by CSMN. Donations to the CSMN shall henceforth be allocated as follows:

Humanitarian Directorate (Persecuted Christians) 25%
Politics and Governance 20%
Legal Intervention 15%
Media and Publicity 10%
Youths and Empowerment 10%
Data and Records 5%
Admin. And Secretariat 10%
Savings 5%
Total 100%


This financial statement was produced from the information received from the Bank. All donations to Cry of Martyrs was done through the Bank. There was no cash donation received.

Please direct enquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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