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Relief Distribution to Christian IDPs Mallagum, Kaura LGA, Southern Kaduna | 5th – 7th January 2023


5th – 7th January 2023

On 13th and 18th December 2022, Fulani herdsmen attacked Kaura LGA area of Southern Kaduna. In the unprovoked and unwarranted attacks 40 Christians were murdered, 178 houses were burnt (102 houses in Mallugum alone), 29 motorcycles were destroyed, and 2 cars were burnt. The attackers turned 17 women into widows, due to the unprovoked attacks.

The details of those killed, and the communities where they were killed are as follows:
1.    Ungwan Mission (2 persons killed)
2.    Uza-oetsivon (15)
3.    Tsok Owai  (5)
4.    Matatukum (4)
5.    Sakong  (9)
6.    Manyi Oegbung  (1)
7.    Utak-Adai (1)
8.    Mallagum (2)
9.    Dusai  (1)

The 40 deceased brethren belonged to the following Church denominations:
21 - Roman Catholic 
17 - ECWA
2 - Baptist Convention 
The breakdown is provided to confirm they were Christian brethren. 

Lay Faithful Trust Foundation (LFTF) responded to the situation with relief materials to the survivors. LFTF provided rice, beans, maize, palm oil and vegetable oil to the affected communities. 

The sum of N10,000 in cash was also given to each of the 17 widows by LFTF. More ways of supporting them shall be explored.

In addition to food, the affected brethren require the following assistance:
1.    Assistance to renovate burnt houses
2.    Clothes
3.    Fertilizer for the next farming season
Arrangements for clothes are underway and before the end of January, a consignment of clothes shall arrive in the affected communities. Lay Faithful Trust Foundation shall continue to support the affected brethren, within the limits of available resources. 

Appeal is hereby reiterated for Christian brethren, who have not been supporting the persecuted Christians to kindly do so. The burden becomes easier to carry if more Christians offer their support. A minimum donation of N500 monthly is required from each Christian. The donation can be more.

We thank all the kind-hearted and generous Christians who have consistently supported the ministry to the persecuted brethren. God bless you and enrich in every way so that you can continue to be generous as the occasions demand. Thank you very much. God bless you all.

We also thank our team in Kaduna State for their faithfulness and diligence in executing these projects. God bless you all.

Your brother in Christ,

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