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Food Relief to Displaced and Vulnerable Christians, Christian New Converts and Orphanage


Putoki, Gombe State
23rd October 2023

They survived Boko Haram
They survived Fulani herdsmen
Will they survive hunger?

The combination of hyperinflation and attacks on farmers have created a disastrous food crisis for Nigeria. The group most affected are the persecuted Christians in northern Nigeria who daily are running for their lives while looking for food to eat. Without certain dwelling place, no financial power, and dispossessed of their properties, the persecuted Christians in most parts of northern Nigeria are facing food crisis.

Christians New Converts and Orphanage, based in Gombe state, managed to rescue some of the affected children and organized a school for them. However, feeding the children has been a major difficulty. The situation got to a point they no longer had a timetable for feeding. Whenever there was food, they would eat.

The case of the orphanage was brought to the attention of Lay Faithful Trust Foundation by the North East Rep. 
LFTF responded immediately with food support. We hope to be consistent in supporting the children of the martyrs with food. This current project is exploratory.

We thank all the kind-hearted Christians who donate funds to LFTF for this ministry to the persecuted Christians. God bless you and replenish you abundantly. 

We also thank Bro. David for locating the orphanage and faithfully conducting the project. Bro. David used to head the Kaduna field but he recently relocated to Gombe, in the North East.

Thank you very much, and God bless you for supporting our persecuted brethren.

Your brother in Christ,

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