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Distribution of Mattresses to Persecuted Christians in WARKAN-GORA Southern Kaduna


November 2023

Warkan-Gora and Bafae-Gida were repeatedly attacked by Fulani herdsmen and suffered loss of lives and properties. Many of the houses in the communities were burnt and destroyed leaving the people with no other option but to flee.

With the change of government in May 2023, the attacks eased off and the people started returning to their ancestral land. Unfortunately, they could neither rebuild their houses nor provide basic amenities.

Apart from the challenge of feeding, they equally faced the challenge of where to sleep. Lay Faithful Trust Foundation had conducted clothes and medication relief in the community in July 2023. Upon further inquiry on other areas of need, the brethren were unanimous that the immediate need they face is mattresses. The cold season at the end of the year placed them at risk of pneumonia because many of the people were sleeping on bare ground.

In response to the request of the brethren, Lay Faithful Trust Foundation conducted a relief project in which mattresses were distributed to the needy in Warkan-Gora. The pictures taken at the event confirm the joy and gratitude of the brethren.

The relief project also included distribution of cash to widows of the martyrs in Warkan-Gora. We pray that God will comfort and keep them.

We thank all the Christians who donate funds to support persecuted Christians in Nigeria. May God count it as righteousness for each donor and remember you in mercy on the Day of the Lord. God bless you and replenish your purse.

We also thank our team in Kaduna state who faithfully conducted the project for Lay faithful Trust Foundation. God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,

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