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Christian Orphanage Relief Project Potuki, Gombe


December 2023


Lay Faithful Trust Foundation (LFTF) conducted a Christmas project for Christian children who have lost their parents and families due to persecution and violence. 
They live at the Christian New Converts and Orphanage Foundation in Potuki, Gombe state, where they face daily challenges of hunger, and poverty.

We arranged for Christmas and New Year celebrations for these precious children, and we provided them with food that will last until the end of January 2024. We hope that this orphanage will receive regular support from LFTF in the coming year. This would be our second relief project at this orphanage after we received a distress call that the children were on the verge of food deprivation. They desperately need our help and prayers.

The supervisor of the orphanage and the children expressed their joyful appreciation for our demonstration of love. They prayed that God would bless all our donors. They also asked us to convey their gratitude and love to you.

We thank all our donors who kindly and generously support persecuted Christians in Nigeria. God bless you and replenish you abundantly.
We also thank our representative in Gombe state for faithfully executing this project.

As we come to the end of this year, we thank all our donors who supported our ministry to persecuted Christians during this year. God bless you and count it as righteousness for you.

Merry Christmas.

Your brother in Christ


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