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2nd Phase Fertilizer Empowerment Project to Christian IDPS at: Unguwan Wakili, Langson, Mallagum, and Tsaunin Mayou, Kaduna State | 17th – 21st August, 2023


The second phase of the fertilizer empowerment project for Christian IDPs in Kaduna state took place from 17th to 21st August 2023. Phase One of the project was conducted on 15-18 June 2023. Usually, fertilizer is applied twice by the farmers during the farming season for maximum effectiveness.

The objective of the empowerment project is to assist the Christian IDPs attain some measure of economic independence for self-sustenance. From the reports that followed the projects in 2022, many of the IDPs benefitted greatly from the fertilizer projects. Regrettably, the scope of the project this year was restricted to Kaduna state when compared with the projects last year.

Please find below some pictures of some of the farms as well as the handing over of the fertilizer to the beneficiaries. The project covered farming communities in Unguwan Wakili, Langson, Mallagum, and Tsaunin Mayou. 

We thank all the brethren who donated money for the empowerment project. God bless you all and enrich you abundantly. We also thank our team in Kaduna state for faithfully executing the relief project.

Thank you very much, and God bless you all.

Your brother in Christ, 

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