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Relief Distribution to Persecuted Christians - Gindin Dutse, Southern Kaduna


March 2024

On 18th February 2024, Fulani herdsmen attacked Gindin Dutse in Southern Kaduna and unleashed death and sorrow on the peaceful community. By the time the attack ended twelve innocent Christians had lost their lives. Those killed were as follows:

Men – 4

Women – 3

Children – 5

In addition to the murder of the innocent souls, twenty-eight (28) houses in Gindin Dutse were completely burnt and the food reserve of the people was destroyed.

This is another sorrowful occurrence of unprovoked and unwarranted attack on a Christian community by the Fulani herdsmen. It's deeply saddening to hear about the tragic attack on Gindin Dutse and the loss of innocent lives. The violence and destruction caused by such attacks are devastating to communities and families.

Lay Faithful Trust Foundation responded to the immediate need of the survivors by providing food for the community and cash donations to the injured. Some of the pictures of the relief distribution are below. The photographs highlight the importance of coming together to offer assistance and comfort to those in need.

It is essential for authorities to address the root causes of such attacks and take measures to ensure the safety and security of all communities, regardless of their religious or ethnic backgrounds. Justice must be pursued for the victims, and efforts to promote peace and understanding among different groups must continue.

We thank all the brethren whose donations made the relief distribution possible. God bless you and replenish you abundantly. We also thank our team in Southern Kaduna for faithfully implementing the project.

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,


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