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WIDOWS PROJECT - Taraba State - 1st-3rd July, 2020



CSMN expresses gratitude to all the brethren who donated to support our persecuted brethren. God bless you all and replenish you.
The details of the donors shall be published in the monthly Statement of Accounts.
We also thank Taraba Conservative Movement (TASCOMO) for executing the project on behalf of CSMN.


We identified 34 IDP camps in Taraba State with a total number of 1,802 widows. (22 IDP camps were identified in Benue.)
Please try and understand what the total figure of the widows represents. 1,802 husbands/fathers had been killed!

From reports from the field, the widows opted to receive cash which could be used to purchase food and other materials locally. Our intention was to distribute 5,000 each to them. This would have amounted to N9,010,000. This money is not available.
The available donation for the project was N1.4m.

We were only able to distribute N3,000 to widows in two Local Governments as follows:

Lau - 394 widows
Zing - 75 widows
(Full breakdown, which includes logistics would be provided in the monthly Statement of Account.)
There are still 1,351 widows in 32 IDP Camps yet to receive support from us.


"We attended to 394 widows in Lau. Truly, sir, we saw what mouth cannot explain. Our people are suffering too much."

"Truly speaking our brethren are suffering due to lack of what to eat and good shelters. According to them, even after the crises, the Fulanis still came and destroyed their houses which they rebuilt.
Many children are already out of school because their parents have been killed. Still many have refused to go back for the fear of being killed because you can see a very big and vast fertile land but only Fulanis are grazing on it."
Bro. C.

Christian Response

The humanitarian need of the Christian IDPs should concern every Nigerian Christian. Under the circumstances, all we could do is to appeal for more support from Christians. Nigerian Christians are more than capable to provide for their persecuted brethren.
Give, according to the command of God, and share the burden with other Christians.

Support Persecuted Christians

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