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Distribution of Clothes, Shoes & Books to IDPs  EY.N. IDP Camp, Vunoklang, Gerei LGA, Adamawa State

In collaboration with

Distribution of Clothes, Shoes & Books to IDPs 
EY.N. IDP Camp, Vunoklang, Gerei LGA, Adamawa State
11th April 2023

In collaboration with Missions Enablers Africa, Lay Faithful Trust Foundation conducted another round of distribution of clothes, shoes, and books to IDPs in EYN IDP Camp, Vunoklang, Gerei LGA, Adamawa State. The relief materials were provided by Missions Enablers Africa.

The IDPs received the relief materials with joy and gratitude, as can be seen from the pictures below. The books were taken directly to Bible Heritage Children Mission. The school admits IDP children and gives them free education.
We thank Missions Enablers Africa for the donation, and we pray that God will bless and enrich the organization. We also thank Rev. Mrs. Mamba and the brethren who executed the relief project. God bless you all and reward your labour of love.

As we continue on this assignment of ministering to the wounded body of Christ, we thank all the people participating and supporting us in this task. God bless you and replenish your purse. May God count your donations as righteousness and remember you for good on the Day of the Lord.

We encourage all Christians to remember that support for persecuted Christians is not just a humanitarian project. It is ministry to the body of Christ undergoing affliction. Thank you for showing mercy and compassion to the people of God.

Please join us to reach more Christians with this burden. You can share this report with all your contacts on social media as well as in your various denominations.

God bless you.

Your brother in Christ,


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